I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues. KUDO ENGLISH impressed me on multiple levels. Thank you for making it interesting, fun and most of all hassle free! Since I invested my time and effort learning with KUDO ENGLISH I became more confident in speaking the English language.
Overall, I thought the course was great. I did get tons of useful experience from the course and the instructors are all great
You prepare people to carry out skills in the real world. Keep up the good work. What I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real world
One thing that impressed me about KUDO ENGLISH is if I have a question (even before enrolling), there is always a quick response. This is critical when distance is involved. They are very good about getting me through difficult issues and keeping in touch with the class.
The teachers are always there if you needed them.Looking forward to taking more classes. YOU GUYS ROCK! KUDO English is worth much more than I paid.
My child is very committed, and I see how enthusiastic and excited he is about learning through this new method. He’s eager to learn and see his teacher every day! I would say he has become more mature and independent during this process.
Parent of
Franco, Student
I am so thankful for all of my kid's teachers! What started out as a potentially stressful time has resolved itself into a rewarding opportunity learning alongside my daughter. I am so impressed with how the teachers have so quickly changed the structure of how they teach to accommodate the situation. They have kept it fun, interesting, and used resources beyond what I thought was possible.
Parent of
Alishia, Student
These uncertain times and sudden change in routine can definitely be challenging for a young child to get used to, but having this alternative school routine for our daughter to follow and look forward to everyday has been helpful.
Parent of
Blaire, Student
A thorough course that enables me to learn at my own pace, have access to my instructor when needed, and have tools that I can continue my education and build upon what I have learned. I have no regrets! I don't know what else to say. KUDO English did exactly what they offered. I couldn't have asked for more than this.
KUDO ENGLISH e-Learning program has the great advantage of presenting a range of exercises and real-time sessions that can be tailored to my needs and interests. Every day, the program offers all sorts of activities that I'm excited to be part of.
We've seen amazing results on our kids already. Thank you KUDO English for providing useful courses.
Parent of
Meleah, Student
I don’t want to sugarcoat it for anyone – these past couple months have been difficult in so many ways and the transition to e-learning was tough for both kids and parents. However, the reason we love this school (amazing teachers, friendships, compassion, etc.) is making a difficult situation a little brighter for my kid.
Parent of
Zion, Student

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